Improve your parkrun time (Main)

On Monday evenings at 7pm in Poole Park I coach a session that will get you running faster. Its main aim is to help you lower your parkrun time but it can also benefit 10K and other distances you race.

Starting from The Ark carpark near the cricket pitch. The session costs £5 and lasts about an hour. Sometimes it’s longer, sometimes it’s shorter, it really depends what training we do.

Sessions are demanding yet strangely enjoyable!

  • We begin with an aerobic warmup followed by dynamic stretching – those are the easy bits.
  • Next we move onto interval training around the park which will get you breathing harder and your legs moving faster. It’ll be taxing but you only work as hard as you’re able. Week-by-week this is the bit that will help improve your running fitness.
  • Finally we’ll warm down with a light jog and I’ll lead you through basic strengthening and stretching exercises.

That should leave you feeling pleasantly relaxed and knowing you’ve had a good run out.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done interval training, warm-ups, dynamic stretching or any of the other stuff – it’s what I’m there to teach you. Every thing will be demonstrated, explained and broken down into easy-to-follow instructions. While I take my coaching seriously, I try to make things fun and light-hearted. After all this is your leisure time so you want to enjoy it.

Event 348 - HG2

Turn up ready to run and come along whenever you want.

There is no membership or club to join. Anyone is welcome. You just need to be someone who wants to improve their running or to get a bit of extra exercise.

You’ll know me by the red bandana I wear. It’s less of a fashion statement and more about keeping sweat out of my eyes!

Please ensure you follow the Covid-19 health guidance. If you have any symptoms, or have tested positive in the past ten days, I regretfully cannot allow you to take part in the session. I appreciate your co-operation in ensuring we all stay healthy.

One thought on “Improve your parkrun time (Main)

  1. Hugh helped coach me for 6 months during which time I broke many PBS thanks to his advice and guidance. He’s very good and knowledgeable. Here were my results:
    October 2016
    1:49:09 PB (1:53:01) BMF HM

    November 2016
    80:37 PB (83:40). Wimborne 10
    48:58 Boscombe 10k

    December 2016
    47:51 PB (48:34) Christchurch 10k
    23:36 PB (24:06) Bournemouth Parkrun
    23:19 PB Bournemouth Parkrun

    January 2017
    52:39 (first QM) Broadstone QM
    22:27 PB Bournemouth Parkrun

    February 2017
    1:46:18 PB Blackmore Vale HM
    77:41 PB Lytchett 10
    77:18 PB Bournemouth 10

    March 2017
    98:43. Larmer 10
    46:16 PB Eastleigh 10k

    April 2017
    1:42:20 PB Bournemouth Bay HM


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