Staying healthy

I consider health to be the most important gift we have. There’s no point in working hard or living fast, if you’re going to reach you 80s and be worn out.

Overcoming the inner talk on race day

When the going gets tough, the voice in your head gets active and dedicated to trying to get you to ease off. You don’t have to listen to that voice, you can simply choose to ignore what it is telling you.

Eilish’s low mileage

Eilish McColgan has been ripping up the record book this year and she has the pedigree, talent and peer groups to support it.

Paula’s kids

Paula Radcliffe was the world record holder for the marathon. Her children are fast as well. Probably faster than you and me. Today I’ll tell you how quick and the importance of speed.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Hugh – coach at Big Red Running. I’ve been running seriously since I turned 40 but first raced in the 1990s. Before that I spent my teenage years getting lost orienteering in forests and moorland in the depths of winter!