Update on my 800m training – Aug / Sep 2022

Most of the summer has been spent rebuilding my endurance base after I toppled it over with hills and sprint during the spring. Now I’m using a couple of 10K races as a focus to continue building endurance and stamina through the winter.

The Wim Hof experiments

Having read the Wim Hof book, I decided to give a couple of his experiments a try to see if I could derive any lasting benefit. What was most notable was how quickly the body adapted.

Wim Hof – The Iceman

Wim Hof is the iceman who performs astonishing feats of endurance and braving the cold. While he won’t make you a better runner, his approach to health has some benefits for everyone.

World Championships – Men’s 1500m

Jake Wightman claimed Britain’s first middle distance gold at a World Championships since Steve Cram in 1983. It’s been a long road for him with a gradual development in times which highlight why we shouldn’t get impatient to see times drop quickly.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Hugh – coach at Big Red Running. I’ve been running seriously since I turned 40 but first raced in the 1990s. Before that I spent my teenage years getting lost orienteering in forests and moorland in the depths of winter!