Update on my 800m training – Jan 2023

A frustrating couple of months with training plans amended for the rescheduled Christchurch 10K and as a result of a short-lived winter virus. Races and parkruns show there is work to be done back lower down the ladder if I’m to get back to my best.

Short term loss for long term gain

I’ve become a believer that certain tasks are best done by certain muscles. I’m not interested in the aesthetics of running form, I’m interested in getting the best out of myself. To make a change, we may have to go one step back to go two steps forward.

Slow Burn by Stu Mittleman

Slow Burn is another book advocating training by age-related heart-rate formula to burn fat and stay healthy. Its author Stu Mittleman was influenced by Phil Maffetone and here I give an overview of the book and my thoughts on its methods.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Hugh – coach at Big Red Running. I’ve been running seriously since I turned 40 but first raced in the 1990s. Before that I spent my teenage years getting lost orienteering in forests and moorland in the depths of winter!